Simon Fingerhut-Beisel

Programme: Zukunftsbrücke - Chinese-German Young Professional Campus
Year: Year 2019
Simon Fingerhut-Beisel currently works as an advisor at the „Secretariat of The Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs of the Länder in the Federal Republic of Germany“ (Kultusministerkonferenz). Together with his colleagues he is in charge of assisting the federal states in topics concerning Vocational Education and Training (VET) as well as Continuing Education and Training, such as the development of framework curricula, framework agreements or international cooperation in VET. Previously, he worked as a vocational schoolteacher for the subjects of media design, computer science and mathematics. At the University of Paderborn and Western Michigan University (USA) he majored in computer science, in conjunction with a scholarship from Siemens AG and a dual curriculum, and media studies. He has a Bachelor of Science and a Diploma.