LI Qixia

Programm: Zukunftsbrücke - Chinese-German Young Professional Campus
Jahrgang: Jahrgang 2017
Shelly Li, as a senior vice president, comes from a private company in China, which was founded in 1984. Chengxing Group focuses on fine phosphorus chemical industry, petrochemical industry (PET, PTA) and coal chemical industry, and has been listed in Top 500 China for 16 years on end. Last year, the turnover of the group was 10 billion Euros. Ms Li studied at the University of Southern California and graduated with a Bachelor of Business degree. After graduation, she stayed 2 more years in the United States, working in financial industry. Ms Li returned to China in 2006, and has spent 10 years in her family business, responsible for HR Department, Global Marketing Department and Strategic Planning Development. Through her efforts, the group has adopted modern enterprise management system to help more than 10,000 employees work effectively, with products exporting to 72 countries. In recent years, Ms Li has been focusing on planning for further development of the enterprise.