Yorck Diergarten

Programm: Zukunftsbrücke - Chinese-German Young Professional Campus
Jahrgang: Jahrgang 2018
Yorck Diergarten currently works as a Policy Officer at the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy and is completing a PhD in the area of international human rights law. Yorck studied law and history at the universities of Freiburg, Münster and Uppsala (Sweden). After obtaining his law degree in 2012, he was employed as a research associate in international environmental law at Freiburg University until 2014. He then embarked on his legal clerkship with the Supreme Court of Berlin, during which he had the opportunity to work for the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Development (BMZ), a Madrid-based law firm specializing in business law and the Sino-German Legal Cooperation Programme at Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) in Beijing.