Due to the uncertainties regarding international mobility until the end of 2021, the next campus will probably take place in summer 2022.


The Zukunftsbrücke – Chinese–German Young Professional Campus brings together 15 young German and 15 young Chinese leaders from all sectors for intensive dialogue each year. The program is aimed at Germans and Chinese with 2 to 10 years of professional experience who already hold key positions in politics, economics, science or civil society and who wish to take an active part in shaping German-Chinese relations.

For any questions about the Zukunftsbrücke – Chinese-German Young Professional Campus please contact  Matthias Stepan.


The Zukunftsbrücke offers the 30 participants professional and intercultural training as well as membership in a growing network of outstanding young professionals from Germany and China. The programme is held in both countries – in alternating years. Costs for travel and room and board are covered. In addition to the nine-day programme, activities for Zukunftsbrücke alumni regularly take place in China and Germany.

The next edition of the Zukunftsbrücke Campus will probably take place in summer 2022.


Campus: Locations and Focus Topics

Programme in Germany and China

Over seven days, Zukunftsbrücke participants conduct off-the-record conversations with well-known experts, go on thematic excursions and attend intercultural training sessions. Within the group and with experts, they discuss trends, current developments and challenges in Germany and China as well the countries’ bilateral relationship. Distinguished deans from both countries guide the Zukunftsbrücke. The German deans are Dr. Michael Schaefer, former Chairman of the Board of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and former Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China, and Dr. Astrid Skala-Kuhmann, Advisor on China and Former Country Director GIZ China.

Stifung Mercator, Zukunftsbruecke, Foto: Eberhard J. Schorr, 12.10.2015, Berlin, Deutschland

Building Bridges through Dialogue: A Network of Dedicated Young Leaders

The Zukunftsbrücke – Chinese–German Young Professional Campus seeks to create an intersectoral network of dynamic young leaders from China and Germany united personally and professionally to advance their countries’ sustainable partnership.

The German and Chinese governments support the Zukunftsbrücke goals, which are regularly mentioned in joint declarations of  German-Chinese government consultations, most recently in 2016.

The Zukunftsbrücke – Chinese-German Young Professional Campus is a project by Stiftung Mercator and BMW Foundation and in cooperation with the All-China Youth Federation (ACYF).


Each year, the Stiftung Mercator selects 15 German Zukunftsbrücke participants and our Chinese project partners select 15 participants from China.

Application Requirements

  • At least two years’ work experience
  • Outstanding academic and professional qualifications
  • Social commitment
  • German nationality
  • Very good knowledge of English
  • Strong interest in international relations, economic and social issues as well as German-Chinese cooperation

The 15 German participants of the Zukunftsbrücke are selected in an open application process. A pre-selection based on proper submission of the required documents is followed by personal interviews that determine the final selection.

Online Application

Applications for the Zukunftsbrücke must be made online during the application period. For further information please switch to the German website.

The next edition of the Zukunftsbrücke Campus is scheduled for summer 2022. Further details will follow.

Please note that we only consider applications of German citizens. Selection of applications of Chinese citizens will be made by the Chinese project partner.

Dates & Deadlines

The next edition of the Zukunftsbrücke Campus is scheduled for summer 2022. Further details concerning dates and deadlines in the application process will follow.


You can download the full FAQ document here: PDF.

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